Senior Design Project

Senior Design Project - by Stanley Chang and Alberto Tam Yong


Preliminary Demo Video


IEEE Region 6 Southern Area - 2016 Design Competition


Final Report

IEEE Pitch Competition - Video Entry


Early Walking and Navigation Prototyping



The project was inspired by the complex challenges and the "cool factor" of humanoid robots.

The mechanical design was inspired from the Robotis Mini, priced at $499 when we started the project in 2015. Since the XL-320 motors used were too expensive for our design goals ($21 each), we decided to only use this mechanical design for the legs. We 3D printed the leg parts by downloading and slightly modifying some parts 3D modelled by Alexandre Le Falher. The 3D CAD files can be found here:

The rest of the design, circuits, and code is available in our full report: Final Report

More details coming soon...

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  • Sep 14, 2014