Alberto Tam Yong

Technology and Projects

Inexpensive Programmable Robot Project

As an electrical engineering student and educator, a challenge I've identified on the market is the constant search for a cheaper robot. I've worked on several outreach programs promoting STEM to children, and robotics has always been one of the most popular approaches. However, non-profits and volunteering work usually are constrained by very tight budgets, if any.

I've been designing and working with robots for about 4 years now, and I'm still not content with the most affordable robot I've been able to come up with or find in the market. All the same, I must admit the price has dropped dramastically on the past couple decades. Currently, the cheapest programmable robot I've been able to develop or buy costs about $40 to $50, which is great but still expensive when you are trying to acquire more than one.

So this page will be dedicated to my research and publication of solutions, personal and in the market, of inexpensive programmable robots for their use on STEM education and/or swarm robotics, a topic I'm very interested on.

(last updated: 02/20/15)